EA som et informationssystem

“In general, EA can be considered as a structured description of the enterprise and its relationships, which may make it the fundamental “management information system” for the enterprise” - Simon et al. (Enterprise architecture management and its role in corporate strategic management, 2013, s. 6).

Synergi på tværs af organisationen

“The primary mechanism through which EA helps an organisation to improve Resource Complementarity is through the identification of the potential enterprise-wide synergies” - Tamm et al. (2011, s. 155).

Enterprise arkitektens roller

"1. Change agent: the enterprise architect supports enterprise leaders in establishing and promoting the best strategy to accomplish business goals and objectives. 2. Communicator: the enterprise assists managers, analysts, systems architects, and engineers in understand the details of the strategy sufficiently well to make decisions and execute the plan that leads to realization of the... Continue Reading →

Enterprise Referencearkitektur

“Hence, and according to such theoretical framework, ERAs can be used for diverse purposes, as for example, being a communication tool among different stakeholders, as a tool for knowledge accumulation and transfer (i.e. train and instruct), as a decision making model to provide guidance on scoping and design implementation issues for future targeted states (i.e.... Continue Reading →

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