Enterprise arkitektens roller

“1. Change agent: the enterprise architect supports enterprise leaders in establishing and promoting the best strategy to accomplish business goals and objectives. 2. Communicator: the enterprise assists managers, analysts, systems architects, and engineers in understand the details of the strategy sufficiently well to make decisions and execute the plan that leads to realization of the shared vision. 3. Leader: the enterprise architect participates in creating a shared vision, motivating members of the enterprise to aspire to achieving the vision, and providing clear direction regarding what is required to execute a strategy accomplish goals and objectives. 4. Manager: the enterprise architect organizes the architecture team and ensures that adequate resources are secured to perform the architecture process. 5. Modeler: the enterprise architect provides a representation of the relationships of enterprise components with sufficient detail and the former needed to enable making necessary decisions to execute the strategic plan.” (Gøtze,  The Changing Role of the Enterprise Architect, 2013,  s. 4)

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