SOA for Profits

The Coherency Architect

If you look for a great book on how to deal with the implementation and adaption of an Service-Oriented Architecture the book SOA for Profits is what you are looking for. The book was published back in 2007 but is still highly relevant. The focus is on handling the needed interaction with stakeholders to collaborate and define what have to be done and when it should be delivered in order to work around a burning platform for applications.

“The basic Concept is that all IT is composed of services” – Bieberstein et al (2007, p. 17).

Eventually the enterprise’s technical architecture will be compatible with an SOA typology and as such it might enable the enterprise to make use of the benefits, however, the benefits can only be achieved through the engagement of the various departments and decision-makers that makes use of the services that the IT department can provide…

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